Monday, March 28, 2016

Quarter 4 GT Blog Posts... Countdown to Summer!

Week 7-9
Title: Music Video Finale 
Label: GT Portfolio
Introduction: Explain the storyline & how it relates to your lyrics.
Body: Describe your favorite fast-edit montage sequence.
Conclusion: How does this music vid showcase your best work?
Required Visuals: Embedded VIMEO & 3 unique Behind The Scenes, Cite Musician & 2 minutes of the Song Lyrics used

Week 3-6
Title: Animated Life Lessons 
Label: GT Portfolio
Introduction: Tell us about your teammates’ personal character traits & how your story exaggerates who they are.
Body: Explain how you use humor in your story and how your life lesson or message relates to us.
Conclusion: Considering you’ve never worked together before, describe your team’s level of productivity, biggest challenge & best moment during production.
Required Visuals: Embedded Vimeo, Storyboard Screenshot, 3 Behind the Scenes Photos

Week 1-2

Title: Character Development 
Label: GT Portfolio
Introduction: What kind of person are you? Define yourself. What humorous or relatable imperfections do you have?
Body: Explain the character traits you plan to exaggerate while animating yourself. How could you do this?
Conclusion: Describe the step-by-step process of creating your .GIF animated character. Do you like it? Why?
Required Visuals: Green-Screen portrait, Cutout .jpg & Finished .GIF

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Quarter 3 GT Blog Posts

Week 8-10
Title: MOV Film Festival
Label: GT Portfolio
Intro: How do your keywords connect with audience?
Body: Explain overall message, learning or change
Conclusion: Describe biggest team challenge you faced
Required Visuals: Final Cut, Visual Plan & 3 BT Scenes

Week 5-7
Title: Tiny Spherical Worlds
Label: GT Portfolio
Intro: What’s the point composite images, isn’t 1 pic enough?
Body: Explain difference between polar & spherical panos
Conclusion: What makes your finished tiny worlds convincing?
Required Images: Polar, Spherical & Polar Portrait, Spherical Portrait

Week 3-4
Title: Hockney Style Joiners 
Label: GT Portfolio
Intro: How are David Hockney’s photomontages different from yours
Body: Explain how images can send positive or negative messages
Conclusion: Describe the message you intend your audience to see (final) 
Required Images: School & Final Photomontage

Week 1-2
Title: 2016 Aspirations
Label: GT Portfolio

Intro: Describe five different goals you will attain in 2016
Body: Which one goal is most important to you & WHY
Conclusion: Explain the steps will you take to ensure success
Required Visuals: Upload 3 BEST daily photo challenges so far

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 K.M.S. Yearbook Polls - VOTE NOW!

Be sure to purchase your Yearbook during our SALE on February 23, 24 and 25th in front of the KMS library during recess and lunch. Please bring your order form and $20.00 payment.

Voting is now OPEN... Thank you for your responses! All votes will be tallied and the winners will be published in the 2016 KMS Yearbook.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Quarter 2 REQUIRED Blog Posts

Week 8-9
Title: Scratch Game Design
Label: GT Portfolio
Intro: Explain how user experience influenced your game
Body: Compare & contrast the best features of each of your games
Conclusion: Describe your best code & how you overcame your most difficult bug fixes
Required Visuals: Embed all Scratch games & SS your best code example

Week 6-7
Title: Invention Commercial 
Label: GT Portfolio
Intro: Describe your team’s main goals for this assignment
Body: Explain the best “team moment” during production
Conclusion: During post-production editing, who did what & why
Required Visuals: Embedded Vimeo Link (top), SS Commercial Plan & Critique Results
Critique References: 1P Critique2P Critique3P Critique

Week 3-4
Title: Composition Scavenger Hunt 
Label: GT Portfolio
Intro: Which one composition technique do you think is the most important & why?
Body: Which one composition technique is most difficult & how can you use it more?
Conclusion: Describe your teammates and tell us who did what?
Required Visuals: Embedded Vimeo Link (top), 2 different SS video examples (bottom)
Assessment Reference: 1P Results2P Results3P Results

Week 1-2
Title: Cracking the Code 
Label: GT Portfolio
Intro: Do you think everyone should learn to code & why?
Body: Reflect on your 1st experience working with code.
Conclusion: Elaborate... “If I could design any program or game...”
Required Images: of Code Certificate & 2 Code Screenshots

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Quarter 1 Required Blog Posts

Week 8-9
Title: My Humorous Monologue
Label: GT Portfolio
Intro: Explain what you have learned from this project.
Body: Describe pad & why padding your clips is crucial.
Conclusion: Summarize your project's weaknesses, strengths & what you could do to improve.
Required Visuals: Embed Vimeo link (top) & SS Joke Plan (bottom)

Week 6-7
Title: Comedy Writing 
Label: GT Portfolio
Intro: Why is sense of humor an important character trait?
Body: Describe 5 tips for writing a humorous narrative.
Conclusion: Explain your comedic monologue & why it’s funny.
Required Visual: One 5 Shot Laughing PhotoBooth .GIF

Week 4-5
Title: Motivational Poster 
Label: GT Portfolio
Intro: Describe the requirements of your Motivational Poster project.
Body: Give a step-by-step explanation of how you completed this project.
Conclusion: Summarize your biggest challenge, how you overcame it & how you could improve.
3 Required Images: Finished .JPG, SS Text Layers Only, SS Image Layers Only

Week 2-3
Title: Personal Manifesto 
Label: GT Portfolio
Intro: Tell us five interesting or unique facts about your current self.
Body: Publicly declare your creative 2015-2016 Manifesto.
Conclusion: Explain how your manifesto applies to your readers.
3 Required Images: #gtsym1 #gtsym2 #gtsym3

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Welcome Back to KMS!

Aloha Students!!! Welcome to a new year, a fresh start, an incredible experience! Here are a few helpful links to get you started:

GT Students:

Yearbook Students:

All Students:
KMS Morning News Link

Upcoming Agenda for the 1st week of school:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4th Quarter Required GT Blog Posts!

Week 8-10
Title: Music Videos Rock!
Label: GT Portfolio

How did each member of your team contribute?
What part will your audience enjoy the most & why?
How does your MV show what you learned this year?
Requirements: Embed Vimeo & two great behind scenes pics

Week 6-7
Title: Lyrical Livelyhood
Label: GT Portfolio

Describe how your favorite song lyrics make you feel.
What music video song did your team pick and why?
Explain the visual story that your music video will tell.
Requirements: Cite Musician & Screenshot Production Plan

Week 4-5
Title: Our Animation Story
Label: GT Portfolio

Explain how your focus statement tells “your story”.
What lesson will your audience learn & why/how?
Describe your best & worst moments as a team.
Requirements: Embed Vimeo, 15 Sent., 3 Behind Scenes Pics
Conclude with screenshot of Critique: P1 Results - P3 Results - P5 Results

Week 2-3
Title: Animation Outtakes
Label: GT Portfolio

Describe 2 interesting facts about each teammate.
What is stop-motion animation & what is a .GIF?
Whose story are you telling & why should we care?
Requirements: 15 Sent., 2 .GIF Animations, 5 Hyperlinks
Gif 1: Bouncing Ball & Gif 2: PhotoBooth Stop Motion